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Splurgy -PAX East Beast Bundle Sweepstakes

Hey guys check out this cool bundle sweepstakes giveraway thing!! It has really nice gear and all you have to do is like a couple facebook pages to be entered!! 

Hey guys! My friend made a Minecraft server c: You should check it out, yeee.





Why is everyone so obsessed with minecraft like seriously it’s like virtual legos

That is what you are playing.

Virtual lego.

You look like a virtual lego

ooo killem

ooo killem

i cant breathe

technic pack bteam is awesome,
maybe gifs later.


Blue Diamond Party on Facebook | Facebook


Hey guys! So my friends dad made this app! Its really cool and a tad frustrating at the same time, but they’re giving away an iPad Mini to the person who can get the highest score! It would mean a lot to them if you tried it! (Plus who wouldn’t want a free iPad? i mean c’mon) Thanks a bunch!

Hey guys! You should still check this game out! I actually won the iPad last month so it’s totally legit!! They’re giving another away this month, check it out. c: